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Summer Scheme: Social Story

A social story to share with your children before they attend the Summer Scheme with the Tower Project.

Social Stories – Information for Parents

Please read this guide before you read the social story to your child. Thank you

What is a social story?

  • A social story is written to share accurate information with your child.

  • It helps your child understand a social situation.

  • It provides positive feedback for your child to help them recognise appropriate skills and behaviour.

  • They can be used to prepare your child for a new situation and how to respond appropriately

What do I do?

1. Read the attached story with your child at a time when everyone is feeling calm and relaxed

2. Use a clear word e.g. ‘This is a story about touching. Let’s read it together now.’

3. Try to find a time to read it together every day to support him to understand what is expected.

4. Avoid reading this story after a behaviour has occurred, it should be read together beforehand, so that your child can understand what to do.

You can find a printable version below.

Summer play scheme 2023[42260]
Download PPTX • 2.79MB



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