Our young service users had the pleasure and privilige of sending in questions to ask TV superstar Tommy Jessop who played Terry Boyle in the UK's favourite drama series Line of Duty. Tommy is the first actor with Down Syndrome to star in a prime-time BBC Drama.

1. How did you become an actor and did you attend drama school?

"I did not attend drama school. I wanted to be an actor from an early age.
It might have something to do with one of my greatest passions in life which
is to be an actor"

2. Why did you choose to become an actor?

"I like being in character and seeing how the audience might feel about how the character might be feeling"

3. Has it been challenging having Downs Syndrome in the entertainment industry?

"No, but at first there were very few roles because no one was writing parts"

4. What challenges have you faced?

"I wouldn’t use the word challenges because I always thrive under a challenge. The word I would use would be breaking down barriers"

5. What is your favourite film from your childhood?

"Bond films"

6. If you were not an actor, what career path would you have chosen?

"I would have chosen to be a footballer"

7. How did you get cast into Line of Duty and what was your reaction when you got the part of Terry Boyle?

"It was quite literally over whelming to say the least

8. Were you nervous joining the cast of Line of Duty?


9. Are you being recognised in the street and enjoying the fame?


10. What advice would you give to anyone with a learning disability or disability that wants to pursue an acting career?

"Keep on dreaming, work professionally and hopefully one day you will be successful"

11. What has been your proudest achievement? 

"Not sure really. It has all been good fun."

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